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Maestrale V1.0 - System administration

Codex[ml] is an integrated system developed by CINECA in order to store, manage, visualize, preserve and disseminate digital objects produced by digitization processes, together with the metadata related to them.

Codex[ml] rise his name from the merging of the latin term 'CODEX' (manuscript) and of the IT term 'XML' (Extensible Markup Language); the system indeed allows every agency managing digital objects to make their visualization and preservation available by means of administrative metadata standards (first of all MAG and METS).

Codex[ml] is a modular and scalable system: the different application are connected by means of Maestrale application which includes all the fundamental shared features of the development framework. The system is able to fulfill the needs of:

The system is able to interact with every descriptive metadata management system for Cultural Heritage and every multi-channel CMS (Content Management System).

The use of this integrated system is free of charge. CINECA would like to dissiminate it as open source and to find partners to develop and maintain it.

The system is quoted by the Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe (Michael) and, by means of OAI-PMH protocol, is compatible with the italian portal Culturaitalia.


Enjoy the Codex[ml] XML Navigator fruition experience, visualizing some example from our archive, clicking here.

If you are interested in the services offered by CINECA on Codex[ml] see the section Services (also available in the main menu).

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